HTH Living Solutions provides on-site health and safety environmental consulting and training. Our clientele range from commercial businesses to private home dwellings. Our Certified Environmental Access Consultants are experts in providing thorough and comprehensive environmental safety assessments, modification necessities and oversight of modification projects. The HTH approach results in fewer injuries and illnesses, increased productivity, higher employee morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance claims. The decision to partner with HTH will ensure safety excellence within your organization.

“Your Safety is our DNA!”

Comprehensive Assessment and Solution Process

A Certified Environmental Access Consultant (C.E.A.C.) will evaluate the environmental access needs of the elderly and physically challenged, provide a comprehensive report of modifications needs and oversight of modification.

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Customized Training

Awareness Level Training to reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD's) in facilities and homes.  MSDs can be prevented through ergonomic, safety and preventive measure training courses.

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Training Opportunities

Accessible Living Resources

Following the Comprehensive Assessment, part of the Solution process includes recommendations of environmental modifications and/or equipment to increase safety and reduce risk of injury.  Read through the Accessible Living Resources to make your home and work environment safer and more productive.

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Living Resources

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